Vietnamese Campaign Medal

Vietnamese Campaign Medal


This award has was issued by the South Vietnamese Government for six months service in South Vietnam.  Approximately 50,000 were issued to Australian and New Zealand service personnel.


The Vietnamese Campaign Medal is a six-pointed star in white enamel, superimposed over a radiating bright metal background.  A circular inset to the white star consists of a map of Vietnam in bright metal, with a flame in red enamel arising from it.  The background to the inset is dark green enamel.

The ribbon of the medal has three white stripes.  On either side of the central white stripe are broader stripes of dark green, while the two outer white stripes are flanked at the edges by narrow strips of green.  The ribbon is mounted so that it tapers to the width of the central white stripe. 

The medal is issued with a bar which is impressed '1960-'.


A Matter of Honour - The Report of the Review of Australian Honours and Awards

Additional research by Barry Saxby and Clive Mitchell-Taylor

Image adapted from that kindly provided by Director of Honours and Awards, Department of Defence, April 1999


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