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A Veteran's Affairs package has been designed so that you may have a quick reference to entitlements as well as information on matters of significance to veterans.  The package is made up of folder inserts (here represented by separate pages on the VVAA web site) with information on them.  When you commence a claim or are having dealings with DVA, you can take a two or three ring binder and place file copies of correspondence, claims applications etc within the correct folder and build a "Veterans' Affairs" portfolio.

Detailed information on any matter within the DVA portfolio can be obtained from fact sheets that are on the DVA web site at  These fact sheets are regularly updated with the latest information.

To obtain a fact sheet, contact your nearest DVA office and they will be glad to provide it for you.  Otherwise, visit their web site at and to to the fact sheet index.

If you do not have a computer, or do not know how to use one, do not be daunted or put off.  Go to your local library and ask for assistance in using the internet service that most libraries provide.  They will help you at very minimal cost.

A lot of ex-Service organisations, like this one, are connected to the internet so that you can go to an ex-Service organisation that you have confidence in, and they will access the information for you. 

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