Military Payment Certificates (MPC)

Here are two examples of the Military Payment Certificates (MPC) used by most Australian service personnel in Vietnam. For details of all MPC series, see Douglas Bell's excellent MPC site at

military Payment Certificate Twenty Five Cents

These certificates were used in the Post Exchange (PX) or other camp facilities, but could be exchanged for limited amounts of Vietnamese currency.  They could also be exchanged for US or other currencies by Allied service men and women going on Rest and Recreation leave (R&R) or returning to the US or Australia.

Military Payment Certificate - Ten Dollars

The US authorities hoped to thwart black marketing and hoarding by using the 'scrip'.  The amounts which could be exchanged were limited, and entire series were, from time to time, exchanged without notice.  After a very short time, the old series would be totally withdrawn from circulation and no further exchanges could be made


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