VVAA Portfolio and Committee Representation


1.   The National Executive determines portfolio responsibilities at the conclusion of the VVAA National Congress
2.    All State Branches are to be notified of these allocated responsibilities by the National President in accordance with Policy GE 012. 
3.    A member of the National Executive has overall responsibility for the management of each portfolio, including Sub Committees.
4.     The National Executive or National Council in special circumstances may appoint a Sub Committee to manage a specific task or project. 
5.    All representatives are to ensure that a Briefing Note and minutes of meetings attended on behalf of the Association are made available to the Portfolio Manager for distribution to the members of the National Council. 
6.    Correspondence relating to any representation must be sanctioned by the National Executive and privacy markings determined together with the level of distribution (Policy GE008).
7.    All representatives shall be included on the normal National Council distribution list to ensure they are kept up to date with current VVAA issues and policy.  
8.    Those appointed to represent the Association should have suitable expertise and experience. 
9.    Where an expert is required or geographical reasons dictate, the Council may appoint a representative under Clause 21(e) of VVAA Constitution and Policy GE003. 
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