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Travelling around Australia and want to know the best spots for stay; Vietnam Veteran retreat information;
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                                                                                                                      The list of Vietnam Veteran retreats;
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                                                                                                                      Veterans Retreat in Western Australia;
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                                                                                                                      Meetheena Station Veterans retreat website;
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                                                                                                                      Back to the bush Bruce Rock Western Australia
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Dr Hollis' Report on Aged Care for Veterans 2005

On line Vietnam Nominal Roll. Please send your complaints to DVA
2006 Mortality and Cancer Incidence Study here

Research on Friendly Fire to Assist Aussie Diggers

Vietnam veteran Dr Bob Hall's research project on "friendly fire" incidents which may not have been reported because there were no casualties.  Your help might assist in reducing the risk for today's Australian soldiers.   More info here.

The Special Rate of Pension - a Model

The VVAA model for revision of the Special Rate (T & PI) of Pension can be viewed here.

VVAA Submission to the Clarke Review 2002. View

Spina Bifida

This article by Linda Cox from Western Australia will help to explain about spina bifida, and gives practical and helpful hints to parents and teachers that will make life much easier for children suffering from this disease.


The VVAA is now an affiliate of eBooks.com International Pty Ltd, and receives a commission for book sales made as a result of web browsers visiting this site, then linking to the eBooks site to make the purchase.  The commission assists us in maintaining this site and other activities assisting veterans.

Formation of HQ Company, 1 ATF Association (Nui Dat)

Following a large reunion of HQ Coy, 1 ATF personnel at Sawtell Beach Caravan Park during the week of Vietnam Veterans Remembrance/Long Tan Day, August 2000, the formation of a HQ Company, 1 ATF Association was actively supported. All those Vietnam Veterans who served in HQ Coy, 1 ATF, Nui Dat and D&E platoon, Nui Dat, who are interested in joining this Association are invited to contact Eddie Tricker by one of the following means. By letter to Box 5147, Studfield Post Office, Wantirna South, Victoria, 3152; by telephone on (03) 9801 7586 or by e-mail to etricker*ozemail.com.au

Australian Vietnam Veterans Mortality Listing Web Site (Unfortunately this link is no longer available)

This site contains a detailed database listing names of veterans who have passed away since return from Vietnam.  As successive Governments over many years have tended to ignore the sad effects of war, we feel it is important to ascertain and classify causes of death for Vietnam Veterans.

The list is as complete as we have been able to make it, and contains over 3000 names. However, there are sure to be names missing. Please contact us if you have any information at all that may help to make the list complete.  Deaths reported through the VVAA Report of the Death of a Vietnam Veteran will be forwarded to this site.

Long Tan Bursary

The bursary has been established to help needy children of Vietnam veterans meet the cost of full-time tertiary education and help them get the formal qualifications and skills needed to pursue their chosen career.  For more information, go to the hyperlinked DVA site.


If you are a member of the VVAA, or if you simply like what you see and want to help us continue to help others, you can make a donation to the VVAA. Click on the hyperlinked heading!

Overseas or Remote Membership

You can join the Association as a member of our remote and overseas members' Virtual Sub Branch. You must be a veteran or the descendent of a veteran - and we will check! Pay dues electronically, and receive information via email. This service was established due to the number of enquiries we receive from the United States and remote areas of Australia.

What does it cost?  About $US12 per year!  Exact cost depends on the exchange rate between the US and Aussie dollars.

Next Generation

The children of Vietnam veterans, the Next Generation are mobilising to share information, experiences and help one another.  For those in the Lismore area, Hunter, Central Coast and the Taree/ Manning, while those in other states should contact the relevant  State Branch.

Australian War Memorial

The Curator of Private Records at the War Memorial is keen to acquire more personal records of Australian Servicemen in Vietnam. Contact phone numbers on (02) 6243 4315 or Fax (02) 6243 4545 or email by clicking on the link AWM




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